Chances are if you’re shopping for reputation management consultants, your online credibility is tanking. Let me guess: you now appear very high on Google for derogatory topics related to your character, product or services right?

reputation management consultantsIt’s no longer an easy process to push your sleazy listings below page 4 and beyond. For years, it was a slam dunk. You could hire a spam backlinker to build a few thousand backlinks to the pages which prove your credibility and bingo. Those pages ranked well.

But times have changed since Google Penguin launched causing spam backlinkers to get client sites de-indexed. So here you sit reading this post wondering what to do. Think one thing: Google relevancy.

Reputation Management Consultants Ignore What Works

Getting your good street rep back requires proven SEO methods. There’s no way around it. The problem is many reputation management consultants lean toward what use to work instead of what works now. To illustrate this point, here’s a video outlining some things to think about…

As you probably figured out, reputation management consultants that crush it do so for a few reasons:

  • They understand Google relevancy standards
  • Most have video case studies proving their work
  • Good reputation management consultants are honest
  • Should tell you if they can help you (or not)
  • Don’t charge $10k for a $3k project
  • Have ranked many client sites for competitive keywords

These are the basics. But what methods are some of the best reputation management consultants using? Hmmm…I’m not sure. I only know what I do.

But I have collaborated on a few projects which involved working with a handful of very smart reputation management consultants.

Sometimes I’ll be contacted by another firm that wants my take on one of their projects. It’s kind of a small group of SEO-ers I’ve connected with over the years. We share each of our own secret sauces to help one another out.

Reputation Management Consultants & 3 New Techniques

  1. reppostUnderstanding what causes your derogatory listing links to rank well is a no-brainer. Often it’s a double whammy of relevancy and an aged domain triggering such a high position. The first step is to truly do hard research evaluating the link value.
  2. Next, you need stuff. Huh? Yes, you need video and text along with images to begin rebuilding your reputation links. Here’s the thing most reputation management consultants forget: Google wants bona fide new content about you to rank. If you don’t have a website there’s other link assets such as YouTube videos and social networks to use as placeholders in your new listings.
  3. Lastly, Google relevancy standards need to be update about you and your company. This is the tricky part because most reputation management consultants don’t want to invest the time coming up with new content about you to get new links listed.

Listen, if you’re struggling to recover your good name online, I can sympathize.

It’s a gut-wrenching problem more people are suffering with everyday. So if you need help, learn how SEO is going to be your best friend when looking for qualified reputation management consultants.

Beware of Sleazy Reputation Management Consultants

Just like the guy down the street who wants to charge you $1124.88 for a $300 car repair, there’s many reputation management consultants who would love to take advantage of your situation. Duh. Who you trust will dictate whether you clear your good name or sit high on Google squirming about derogatory listings.

Rep management is nothing more than SEO. Your goal is to push down your negative listings by creating new content for the keyword phrases currently trashing you and your organization.

Please avoid fly-by-night shops promising you a fix-all gimmick. This stuff takes time. But you can recover once you’ve culled out reputation management consultants only interested in your money.