I know, it’s a bit unsettling to think your site and youtube videos can be getting referer spamming. Hmmm…what the heck does this even mean?

Referer spam works like this: someone makes multiple requests to a specific web page. Their incentive is to appear in the referer logs and analytics.

Hold on to your hat. It gets better but only in an evil kind of way.

Next, if the website publishes their referer logs, every link in the referer log is indexable by search engines. Granted, it’s a very sleazy way to generate backlinks. One that Google is well aware of monitoring.┬áThe process can also lead to the site owner reviewing their logs and visiting the link. That causes enormous traffic to the referer spammer. It’s not only malicious but is pretty dumb to even consider.

Google’s Matt Cutts explains far better than I could even imagine doing myself…