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aboutmeMy name is Peter David Gustafson. I’ve been programming since 2004. Initially it was managing front end projects building websites in WordPress, modifying HTML and CSS code. As my interest grew, I dove into Node.js and JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. If you’re in need of a devoted programmer with exceptional skills sorting out code problems, I’m your man.

Having worked remotely for my global clients since 2007, I’m a dynamic, problem-solving programmer and offer elite communication with my clients whether it’s by email, phone calls and even texting. Read more about my background to learn why I’m the best choice for your project. Remember, building your next project needs to be properly scheduled, built upon logic and then edited to enhance the user experience.

Client Projects

This site,, is built upon WordPress with a modified DIVI theme. Client work comes before my own. However, over the last few years, my site has grown in size and content. The results have generated clients ready to work with a proven front-end developer. is a powerhouse site that taps into a big and bold design concept. This was a fun project and went off with great guns both in user design and development. was built as a co-working portal in NYC. Quick, easy navigation was the primary focus to help users pinpoint the parts of the site relevant to their daily grind needs. is an exceptional sign design company. Their new site needed to offer high-quality images to convey their award-winning creativity. Warning: their site is slow. Some clients are more loyal to their crappy hosting companies than their families. If I owned the site, I would upgrade to a faster host and set up their images to be hosted on an Amazon server rather than pull from their site host. Doing so is a no-brainer and provides a fast, quicker, more responsive site. is another client site that was built upon the DIVI WordPress theme. His site need to include heavy use of video. For most of the video content, we pull from his account. It’s a clean site built for conversion and generates an enormous amount of business for his company.

CMS Platform Expertise