YouTube Video Marketing

So what’s a technical writer doing with a page about YouTube? Good question.

In between writing technical user guides and API documentation over the years, I consulted on many YouTube video optimization projects.

Initially, it was due to my background in broadcast TV commercial production. But then something happened. It started making a monumental impact in sales for my clients. Scroll down if you’re ready to watch a few of my client video case studies.


youtube seoMillions of companies have invested more than $284 billion in TV advertising over the last six decades for one measly reason. Video converts into sales. Then creates trust. Lastly, it offers visual credibility your company is the industry leader in whatever you sell or service.

Forget about TV advertising. Due to the proliferation of segmented cable channels, you’ll end up pouring endless budgets in production and media schedules.

For eight years I worked as a senior account executive for a national advertising agency. I personally managed nearly $250k a month in client TV advertising.

Then in 2008 the crash devastated after I left the industry. By 2011 I noticed some of my client videos were beginning to rank on the top of the first page of YouTube for their target keyword phrases.

With lots of research, I had developed a YouTube-compliant relevancy formula for getting videos ranked.

Peter Vekselman contracted my services in March of 2015. He had two goals: grow his average view durations and increase his conversions.

Watch the video case study…

These guys have a unique twist helping people learn how to become better computer programmers. The video teaching industry is jam-packed with heavy hitters such as and

Watch their video case study…