Product Marketing

Disruptive product marketing is the industrial-strength solution that should do the following:

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Pinpoint target audiences desperate for streamlined solutions
  • Invade decision-makers and social networks
  • Excite B2B and B2C interest to learn more about your brand
  • Vaporize your competition into obscurity

Unfortunately, many companies suffer the pitfalls of traditional temptations. Ones such as broadcast media (radio, TV and cable) which offer limited ROI.

What’s a better solution matrix? I call it the terrific ten…

Fearmonger product marketers ignore the obvious. Your story. Despite the knee-jerk temptation to sell features and benefits, buyers factor trust and credibility into their decision-making.

Does your brand tell a profound story of your commitment to exceptional service and solution design? If not, you’re likely getting pummeled by your competition.

Stories reveal your…

  • Hierarchy in the marketplace
  • Contribution as a devoted solution-provider
  • Trusted leadership in your vertical
  • Organization is driven by people who care about end-users


Marketers aren’t usually product people. You need to dovetail product designers and testers with the marketing team. This trio is best suited to pinpoint power-user wants and needs.

Many companies lack vision reaching end-users. Apple does it well. Connecting with your target audience begins by engineering hardcore stories to convey why you’re solution surpasses your competition.

Product ownership defends…

  • User needs and deep dark desires
  • The passion of your product developers
  • Your brand by reaching the hearts and minds of your target consumers
  • Against brainless marketing efforts


If you own the market, you make sales. When you exist in the minds of your consumers as the solution provider, you dominate the life-time-value of your target audience.

Share of mind should be tethered with your marketing platform. Consider it a matrix of your branding message combined with trust along with credibility. Once created, hardwire it in all of your marketing.

Share of mind messaging propels your…

  • Credibility as a solution provider in your vertical forever
  • Competition to compare themselves to your brand
  • Identity as the leader in your industry
  • Commitment to personalized innovation


Every shred of upcoming content development needs to be metric-based. instead of relying on gut-instinct, your content creators should tap into analytic trends proven to capture attention.

Whether it’s case studies or white papers, your digital marketing should be free of gatekeeper stopgaps. Too many companies force users to opt-in for access to content far too early in the engagement process.

Content development hardwires…

  • Research metrics into your brainstorming of future messaging
  • Flexibility to capitalize on trends rather than gut instinct reactions to markets
  • Marketing with data analytics to pinpoint ROI
  • Solutions with direct-response strategies based on empirical evidence


Your loyal customers are credible advocates of your product value. Too few companies understand the power of a profound customer testimonial story. Especially ones which are produced with video.

Although timely to schedule and film, they create exponential reasons why your brand is worthy of another look. The secret is to dovetail them in videos which also chronicle your product solutions.

Customer testimonial videos offer…

  • Confessions why your loyalists are devoted to your brand and products
  • Third-party endorsements from customers and advocates
  • Profound proof why you’re the trusted leader in your vertical
  • 24/7 syndication on YouTube


The exponential opportunity of tethering YouTube video syndication into your marketing platform is enormous. However, it needs to be metric-based with strong calls-to-action.

Rather than relying on YouTube as merely brand and product exposure, your efforts should be focussed on prospecting viewers moving them into your CRM. Then market to them with value messaging.

YouTube prospecting offers…

  • Free storytelling opportunities growing your reputation
  • Rich metrics and analytics to pinpoint content engagement
  • Navigation to landing pages to propel users into your CRM
  • Interaction with social influencers and brand advocates


Ruthless management of your digital marketing is a must. Especially by analyzing your website traffic and social media engagement. Compiling this data will pinpoint trends and opportunities.

Reverse-engineering your direct-response efforts is critical to understanding user interaction with your digital assets. Whether it’s Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, your data will reveal trends.

Digital metrics provide…

  • Insight on user engagement and behaivors
  • Response value of existing marketing content
  • Navigation patterns pinpointing traffic trends
  • Data which converts users into prospects


Marketing to your CRM database should be tactical. Far too many product marketers rely on one-size fits all strategies. Big mistake. Segmenting your marketing needs to be agile and fluid.

Navigation structures should lead responders to custom-built landing pages featuring video. Then urge them to take action opting in for access to carefully-crafted content moving them through the sales funnel.

CRM segmentation controls…

  • Prospect engagement leading to pre-defined content designed for conversion
  • Disrupts shotgun tactics which confuse users
  • Bad decision-making triggers unrelated to engagement
  • Consumer access leading to highly-relevant sales content


The old adage 50% of your marketing is wasted doesn’t apply when you rely on analytics. Evaluating your marketing platform campaigns is easy when you consolidate ROI analysis.

Instinctual reactions to your marketing are pointless. Rich metrics are black and white telling the story how close you’re connecting with audiences. Then offers insight to fine-tune your reach.

Metric-based analysis arms you with…

  • Quantifiable data measuring engagement and impressions
  • Content relevancy reactions of your marketplace
  • Rich metrics to pinpoint your marketing ROI
  • Insightful reporting revealing influential trends


Making connections with your target consumers requires assessing your internal procedures. Every organization engages with prospects differently. Trained manpower is the weapon of choice.

As your marketing platform grows in reach, it’s time to expand your connectivity methods with prospects. Whether it’s with social media or sales, fast response time is the secret sauce to success.

Connectivity requires you to…

  • Build internal processes to manage 24/7 inquiries
  • Respond to prospects in minutes instead of days
  • Become a live, real-time solution provider
  • Protect your end-user experiences with fanatical communications