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Bummed About Your PPC Conversions?

ppcgeekToo many PPC services firms burn through your adspend without focussing on conversions. Then hope their commission is worthy based on your click-throughs. End of story.

These gurus ignore mission-critical elements for conversions into either sales or into your list once your traffic hits your landing pages.


Too many PPC gurus focus more of their time on click-throughs rather than landing page conversion. It’s a nasty part of the business because most site owners usually throw their hands up when they don’t convert.

Who’s to blame they wonder? Actually, no one. The data crunching geek guy (or girl) did their job to get you traffic. But if you’re not working with a firm that specializes in conversion using custom-produced HD video you will suffer a poor ROI. The following video outlines my approach to PPC services and how you’re crazy not consider my technique using video landing pages combined with LeadPlayer…


Case Study

Years ago I had the pleasure of managing the advertising for the Woodhouse Auto Group in Omaha, Nebraska. For nearly a decade their Ford store has been the #2 Ford dealer in the world.

The following video is a sample video designed for their PPC landing page. Sure, anyone can produce video. However, I’m fanatical about conversions. Watch the video and notice at about 22 seconds the video stops and an opt-in form appears on the screen…. [leadplayer_vid id=”53811A6E22879″]

Now imagine being able to  drive more traffic to your landing pages in your PPC campaigns AND increase your opt-ins? Pretty cool eh? But it gets better.

A/B Testing on Steroids

Every guru in the PPC services business gives you copious amounts of A/B testing to improve click-throughs. Duh, he (or she) better. When you embed video in your landing pages you get the ability to test opt-in rates by specific video. Think of it this way:

  • You’ll be able to test multiple versions of videos
  • Conversion becomes exponential from click-through to video message
  • Cutting through the message clutter will be just a bad memory

My PPC Service Rates

You have many options with your campaigns such as…

  • Manage it in-house with  your staff
  • Hire a freelancer
  • Pay a firm a % of your adspend (after a hefty set up fee)

Which is the smartest plan? It depends on what you need. Sometimes clients don’t need campaign management. But they’re desperate for video landing page help. Others want me to take care of everything.

My point is I’m flexible based on what you need. Don’t expect to pay me a $2995 set up fee. Why do so many other PPC service companies ding you with monster huge set up fees? Because they can. Listen, anyone can handle your PPC. But very few people and firms can help you develop custom HD videos and landing pages. So my rates are customized for your planning. Need proof? Get in touch with me today…

Think About PCC & People

My secret sauce to PPC is to reverse engineer your campaigns.

Think people & conversions first. Click-throughs second. Say what? Yes. CR rates are a function of your text offer. It’s not rocket science. Instead, it’s related to testing or bidding more money to list higher. Or include the word VIDEO in your ads. When you see click-throughs, your landing pages need to feature customized video. Then an offer.

Lead Capture is Critical

You need an automated process to capture leads. Forget about love-dovey creative. Yes, unique text and graphics help. But if you’re not using video to convert your traffic, your adspend is getting flushed down the toilet.

Take a few minutes and watch the video to the left. I’ve been using LeadPlayer for my clients for years. Hands down, it is a beasty conversion tool that I include free for my full-service clients.


What’s In Your Wallet?

This is a question firms want to know before they begin working with you. The reason is they’ll usually charge you either a % of your adspend or an inflated monthly fee (after a big, fat set up fee)  based on your monthly budget.

That’s nuts.

You shouldn’t be locked into pouring money into your campaigns if they’re not producing results.

Video Landing Pages

Forget about scrambling to wake up your graphic designer or hire freelancers.

We use LeadPages. Doing so gives us the ability to create beautiful, highly converting landing pages in seconds not matter your CMS.

  1. Custom landing page development.
  2. Professional video script writing.
  3. Full custom-produced HD videos.
  4. Campaign set up and monitoring.
  5. Ad management & testing.
  6. Professional copywriting.
  7. Whiteboard video production.
  8. Video landing page A/B testing.

Speaking of landing pages, here’s a video which will probably piss you off that your current PPC services techie didn’t bring it to you.

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