Have you read all the lame newsletters recently from the millions of PPC service providers? They boast how text content and call-to-actions is what you’re lacking in your campaigns. Wrong.

If you think text-based landing pages are going to convert, you’re living in the stone age. Maybe five years ago you could snag new business with simple graphics and compelling copy. However, your target audience is much more savvy these days. Need proof?

Look at the top visited sites right now. They are in order:

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook

YouTube surpassed Facebook in monthly traffic this year. What does that mean? Think video. Who doesn’t prefer watching instead of reading these days? It’s going to make the difference between burning through your adspend without converting and growing your business. As you read this sentence, you’re probably sitting there wondering how to find one PPC service company that does it all very well without charging you $7500.

PPC Service & Video Landing Pages

You have a critical decision to make in your upcoming campaigns.

footageInvest your capital in hoping and praying having your ads link to your main website or smartening up getting serious about video landing pages. Although I know what you’re thinking.

Do you risk going down the road getting very good at video? Chances are your competition is already thinking about it to steal your customers.

A PPC service story…

In early 2014, a new client came on board with me nervous about producing video. They wanted to make damn sure their message was spot on. But they didn’t have anyone in their organization interested in being on camera. No surprise there.

The funny part is they scoured their local area hoping to hire a spokesperson to be featured in their videos. Ouch. They even went so far as entertaining the idea of agreeing to an exclusive talent contract with a very expensive pro. Big mistake.

Video PPC Service Case Study

Do a search on Google for ‘PPC service.” You’ll see a ton of ads among more than 36 million site results. Of the heavy hitters, none of them have video landing pages linked to their ads. I know, pretty lame…


ppc service


Question: why in the hell would you invest any money in a PPC service campaign without making damn sure your landing page was built for conversion? Kind of dumb don’t you think?

It’s like buying TV advertising without having a commercial. Instead of producing a spot, you hope some lame graphic displaying on screen will drive traffic to your business.

ppp-serviceSo why aren’t you working with a PPC service company that specializes in video landing pages? Here’s some of the usual suspects why…

  • Most firms don’t do custom video well
  • Companies that do lack PPC expertise
  • You’re worried about production costs
  • Too many PPC service experts charge way too much
  • It’s easier to be complacent
  • The cost involved worries you

Guess what? If you’re ignoring the phenomenal power of video, you’re business is going to get kicked to the curbside once your competition dives in. We live in time-starved consumer market. Snooze and you’ll lose. If creative and video production freaks you out, read more about my video PPC service.

Why can I knock your socks off?

I worked for a national advertising agency. We produced thousands of TV commercials from script writing and production to creative management. In 2007 I left my position as a senior account executive to do my own thing with PPC service opportunities. Quality of life is more important to me than accumulating millions of miles flying all around the country.

My PPC service program is very different because we produce custom video and build your landing pages around your videos so it’s all about conversion.