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Peter Gustafson Exercise 2

Improve the Pixel documentation for manual implementation below. You may rearrange, add, delete, edit, rewrite or reword, or change formatting as you see fit.

How to install Reddit Pixel for Reddit Ads

Important: Installing Reddit Pixel on your website’s ad landing page is required even if you decide not to track conversions on that page. Don’t have a Reddit Ads account yet? Sign-up here.

This tutorial helps you set-up Reddit Pixel on your website manually using Reddit Ads.

Step 1: Get your Reddit Pixel base code

Log in to Reddit Ads. On the top-left corner of the page, select Dashboards > Event Manager. Then click the Set Up Reddit Pixel button at the bottom of the page.



On the sidebar slider screen, click Install on your website.

For advanced matching, choose the parameters you want to pass. Then the click Next button at the bottom of the page. Learn more about advanced matching.



On the next page is your account-specific snippet of JavaScript code. Click Copy to clipboard. Or download the code as a TXT file.

Example JavaScript snippet code

<!– Reddit Pixel –> <script> !function(w,d){if(!w.rdt){var p=w.rdt=function(){p.sendEvent? p.sendEvent.apply(p,arguments):p.callQueue.push(arguments)};p.callQueue=[];var t=d.createElement(“script”);t.src=””,t.async=! 0;var s=d.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)} }(window,document);rdt(‘init’,’a2_edev58gbf5cp’, {“useDecimalCurrencyValues”:true});rdt(‘track’, ‘PageVisit’); </script> <!– DO NOT MODIFY UNLESS TO REPLACE A USER IDENTIFIER –> <!– End Reddit Pixel –>

Step 2: Add the base code to your website

On your website admin dashboard, open your ad landing page.

Paste your snippet of JavaScript code between the <head></head> tags of that page. Remember to repeat this step for any other pages you want to track conversions. Example code snippet below:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en”>

Conversion tips

  • Add more Advanced Matching parameters.
  • Pass at least one extra parameter in your attributes.
  • Remember to update your pixel base code.
  • Read about advanced matching.
Step 3: Install Event Tracking

By default, the Reddit Pixel base code registers a ‘PageVisit’ event when it’s triggered.

To track other events/actions on your website, add Event Tracking on your ad page between the <script></script> tags. For example, you replace ‘EventName’ in the code with any event you want to track. Huge conversions are the goal. Example below:

rdt(‘track’, ‘EventName’);

Who doesn’t love code examples right? Here’s another one to monitor the ‘SignUp’ event:

rdt(‘track’, ‘SignUp’);

Learn more about Reddit Pixel custom events.

Standard conversion events

Event name Description Code Example
PageVisit User visits your landing page (default event) rdt(‘track’, ‘PageVisit’);
ViewContent User lands on a specific product page rdt(‘track’, ‘ViewContent’);
Search Performs a search query rdt(‘track’, ‘Search’);
AddToCart User adds a product to the shopping cart rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’);
AddToWishlist User adds a product to a wishlist rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToWishlist’);
Purchase User completes the purchase rdt(‘track’, ‘Purchase’);
Lead User submits information for the advertised product/offer rdt(‘track’, ‘Lead’);
SignUp Registration or signup form is completed rdt(‘track’, ‘SignUp’);
Custom User actions outside of the predefined standard events rdt(‘track’, ‘Custom’, {customEventName:’YOUR CUSTOM EVENT HERE’});


Step 4: Edit your Attribution Window

Your Attribution Window (think of it as time) tracks a user’s actions as a conversion based on elapsed time. The default Attribution Window has three options:

  • Configuring click-through
  • View-through (also called click-through)
  • View-through together (recommended)

How to edit your Attribution Window

  1. Log in to Reddit Ads.
  2. On the top-left corner, choose Dashboards > Event Manager.
  3. Click Attribution Settings on the left sidebar.
  4. Tap the Edit button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  5. Use the dropdown menus to update your settings.
  6. Once you’re done, click the Save button.

How to squeeze the most out of Reddit Pixel

Getting the most bang for your buck is the goal right? Below are tips how to supersize your Reddit Pixel conversions.

Event Metadata

An easy thing to do to increase your conversions is by passing more detailed event data to Reddit. The results offer you a more complete picture of your conversion performance and the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Learn how.

Custom Events

The secret sauce to improving your event tracking is by adding Custom Events. Ones like:

  • Sales by different products/product lines
  • Promo code usage
  • Group users that purchase $100 or more

Having Reddit track the Custom Event actions that matter to your business offers robust insight about the customer journey. Find out more.

Track Inline Action Events

Use Reddit Pixel to track on-page actions. This is where a user clicks a button but stays on the same page. Reddit Pixel monitors how many times this happens. Example: a user clicks an Add to Cart button but stays on the same page.

Editing your Inline Action Events is super easy. Between <script></script>, add the following:

const addToCartButton = document.getElementById(‘addToCart’);
addToCartButton.addEventListener(‘click’, () => rdt(‘track’, ‘AddToCart’));

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