Hold on to your hats. Last week Google announced the Penguin algorithm has a 4th update scheduled to launch soon. When? They’re not saying but it could be at the end of May.

What’s in store for this release? Google’s Matt Cutts confessed it will include more mechanical filtering. The goal is to weed out over-optimization of sites that use deceptive page structures and search engine optimization tactics for improved organic ranks.

Penguin also targets web spam. The backlinking phenomenon was once the dirty little secret to dominating the top of Google. For nearly a decade you could pay a spammer to syndicate thousands of links all pointing to your site. But the party was officially over on April 24, 2012 upon the first Penguin roll out.

So what do you to plan for Penguin compliance if your site is scant with penalties? Start simple…

  • Evaluate your backlinksscreencast266
  • If you find any, submit a Google spam backlink disavowal
  • Strip away excessive anchor text links on your site
  • Remove any banners at the top of your site
  • Review site text and video content for relevancy of your keywords

These are just the basics. However, they are required to comply with Penguin. But the news isn’t all bad. Site owners in compliance are going to crush their competition. You can bank on it.