awfulThis will be what I like to call a full confession. Don’t ever do this because believe me, I tried it once and it is a big, fat mistake.

A few months ago a client came to me with a great idea. Whenever you hear the words ‘great idea’ it usually sounds good. Well, this one did. She wanted me to syndicate her site to what some in the industry call approved link networks.

We’ve all heard of them. They promise lofty indexing of your content across thousands of networks. Sure they appear to have value and good content. I was hesitant but she wore me down worse than kids when you’re in any department store and electronics catch their eyes. Suddenly you leave $350 light in your wallet.

The link networks are advertised as safe and spam-free compliant. Well, not according to Google. They’ve been watching them in the last few months. Many have already begun to tumble and the G team are hungry for blood. The problem is they base their syndication on sub-standard networks. If you think you’re getting high PR exposure, believe me, you’re not. It’s all cloak and dagger stuff. Think smoke and mirrors.

Her ranks took an immediate vacation south. It took about a month to recover.

Lesson learned: something new usually is over-hyped and has almost no credibility. Stick to your guns and dive into your content has always worked very well for my clients.

Oh, and if any of mine ever come back to me with another great idea I think I’ll simply ignore them and take my kids to the store (well, staying away from the electronics department:-).