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Making Requests

Requests made to the ShipEngine APIs are done using HTTP verbs for each action. Below are the common verbs we support:

GETRetrieves a set of resources from a server.
POSTCreates a set of resources.
PUTUpdates or creates resources and collections.
DELETEDeletes a resource.
PATCHModifies a resource.

We use the REST Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) standard using a short string of numbers, letters, and symbols. A URI identifies a web resource such as an image, video or even a CSS file by using the location, name, or both.

URIs have the following structures:

  • Scheme is the component which specifies the protocol that needs to be used to access the resource.
  • Authority can be the name of the computer. It can also be a domain name or an IP address where the content is hosted.
  • Path is a sequence of directories separated by slashes to define the location of a resource.
  • File the name of the file where the resource is contained.

Below are a few URI examples:

\─|─/  \─────────|──────────/

scheme        path

\─|─/ \──────|────────/  \───────|──────────/

scheme authority  path