The dumbest thing I heard from a local SEO services guru was how he sells his services. Or tries to anyway. He uses the old, “I can get you ranked for XXX (insert keyword) for $1000.” This video will outline this absurdity…

Of course, this guy already knows there are zero exact searches for the keyword he schemed up. I’m pretty sure my seven year old daughter could rank a site for a key with no search counts.

If anyone tries to sell you SEO on lame keywords, run the other way fast.

They talk a big game about backlinks, meta tags yadda. None of it matters much anymore. SEO that produces results requires highly relevant content for your services or products. It’s more about content management than gimmicks. Think less is more and more good content is best.

What you may not realize is this kind of work takes research of your target keywords and then optimized content for each. Think lots of text and video for starters.

So if you’re shopping for local SEO services, keep one thing in mind: doing it right with content will pay you back exponentially in traffic and site conversions. Here’s a client video case study that outlines my point…


Local SEO Services 2013 – Lie #1: Buy More Backlinks

Not according to Google. They now penalize your site for spam backlinks due to the Penguin algorithm launched in April 2012. Don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book. Many firms mumble how you need more backlinks. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I have some client partners who have zero backlinks for SEO.

Say what? No backlinks? Yup, zero scammy, scummy, spam backlinks were used to help them dominate their ranks. The thing about local SEO services is there’s many ways to get your site listed on Google, Yahoo! and Bing using honest Google standards.

socialLocal SEO Services 2013 Lie #2: Rank #1

Let me ask you a question: can you afford to pay the exorbitant fees to a local SEO services guru to rank #1? Think $2000 a month. One keyword. One goal to #1.

The goal is to be on page #1 or #2 of Google. Then convert traffic into prospects. Local SEO services in my business means making money. Not hoping to be #1. But the sneaky little secret most SEO-ers don’t talk about is conversion. If your site isn’t turning traffic into prospects and sales you’re goose is cooked. If you think about local SEO services, are you considering just getting ranked or growing your business?

There’s a major difference.

You can rank high on Google (with proper help in local SEO services optimization). But how your site interacts with your visitors is critical. Millions of site owners are suffering with lost business due to one reason: conversion. But it’s not their fault. Too many local SEO services firms focus too much on ranking and less on building a relationship with their traffic.

Local SEO Services 2013 Lie #3: You Can’t Afford SEO

Can you afford radio, TV or local cable? No matter where you invest your advertising, does it produce results exponentially? Local SEO services does. Especially if your Google Places account is well optimized with video. Don’t fall for the old local seo services games where firms suggest you build spam backlinks. They no longer work.

Genuine SEO (acceptable by Google) takes time. Bummer, I know. But a consistent monthly budget is a must no matter what your new latest local SEO services provider tells you.

Local SEO Services 2013 Lie #4: Do Social Media

Social does not convert. Need proof? Grab your checkbook. Look for how many purchases you made in the last year that were a result of social media advertising. Any?

Social has its place. But not in ranking.

Most local SEO services gurus won’t share this truth with you. Instead, they’ll fill your head with hopes of syndicating dumb social posts on your behalf. Don’t get me wrong. Building a social community can help build trust and credibility. Only, it should come after you start to rank.

Local SEO Services 2013 Lie #5: If You’re Not #1 You’re Last

I have clients that dance between pages 1-3 on Google that do very well.

When I write “do very well” I mean they actually earn exceptional income from their sites. But it takes time and adjustments. There are no quick-fixes in to dominate local SEO services without hard work.

Local SEO Services 2013 Lie #6: Buy Facebook Likeslocal seo services

This one drives me crazy.

It’s dumb because the ROI is lame. Granted, Facebook has a small impact on your rankings. But too many local SEO services geeks think social media is a game changer. It’s not. The real truth is if you put all your hopes and dreams growing sales from your site using social is going to be a nasty wake up call when it tanks.

Local SEO Services 2013 Lie #7: Rank Your Site #1

This is a blatant misconception local SEO services types use to sell you. Your goal should be to dabble on the first few pages of Google. Sure you can reach #1. But investing to do so is a poor ROI.

Think about local SEO services as an effort to capitalize on Google relevancy standards. Once you generate even third or forth page rankings, you’ll see traffic. But your site titling needs to be highly alluring to searchers. Most of my client projects include custom site titles to convert traffic.

local-seo-servicesLocal SEO Services Bonus Lie: Start Using Indexing Companies

Indexing services do nothing more than ping your site and new content to other site networks. Too many local SEO services gurus think more is better. Actually, if you over-ping you’ll be slapped with a short-term penalty by the SEs.

Another critical thing to think about no matter what local SEO services provider you choose, is keyword densities. Most local SEO services types ignore tracking your densities for each keyword. The smart ones understand the importance doing so to improve their rankings.

Keep in mind sneaky trickery to grow your search engine positions will only get your into trouble. The local SEO services industry is chocker block filled with folks that believe shortcuts (think spam backlinks) are the magic secret to building your ranks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But why?

These days Google is fanatic about a genuine, quality user experience. If your site is thin on original content you’ll never do well. As a local SEO services consultant, I can assure you the way to develop higher rankings is through adding valuable content to your site every week. How much? I recommend at least 500-1000 words. Plus video. The problem many local SEO services geeks is they don’t have the writing and video production skills to maintain this kind of schedule.

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