local seo companyWaking up this morning, I did my usual local SEO company owner type stuff.

Coffee of course. Black with sugar. Then I read research on SEO news courtesy of Google. Do you know what the two most powerful words in advertising are in the last 60 year?

“New” and “free”. Look around. These two words are everywhere. They are the crack cocaine advertisers arm their advertising with to direct your attention to their products.

It’s no different in the SEO world. Another eye grabber is “study”. Keep reading. It gets better.

Local SEO Company Study?

After more coffee, I moved to a Google-related site I read for SEO developers.

The first article was titled:

Local SEO Company Study: Stopping SEO Leads to 30% Drop in Top Rankings

Hmmm, I thought. So I read it. Now I regret doing so. The research methodology was horrendous. Granted, the headline urged me to dive into to their content. But the research was as close to being a study as a fire hydrant is to looking like a graceful ballerina. Pink tutu and all.

Their study was based on a group of 10 respondents. You read right. 10! Ten respondents is not a study. It’s a group of people hanging out at Starbucks. It gets worse. The “local SEO company study” then broke down the 10 into two groups of 5. Next, they cross-tabulated data across 5 parameters:


Coming from the media habits research industry, I can assure you of one thing. Statistically relevant research is based on on a database of 250+ respondents (minimum). To give you an example, research databases I consulted working in the media industry years ago contained over 10,000 respondents. Once you cross-tabulate your data sets over many parameters, the value of each respondent lowers in value.

awfulWhat This Means for Local SEO Company Hiring

Be wary of online research. The one I read was sponsored by a forum on the site. Hmmm…now we are relying on a study that is affiliated by a forum? Not good. It’s not new research if it can be manipulated to sell you. I keep seeing this kind of advertorial-type of marketing by many local SEO company salespeople.

A very kind gentleman from the midwest emailed me a few days ago. He wanted to pay me to interview prospects for him. Hey buddy, I thought. In case you didn’t notice, I do SEO:-) But honestly, the project was easy so I took a few hours to interview every local SEO company on his list.

After pilfering through about a dozen local SEO company possibles, I did what I always do. Started making telephone calls. This is always the best method to see if they are either viable companies or some dope sitting in his basement pretending to be in business.

Guess what?

telephone-cartoonLocal SEO Company Phone Test

Zero calls were taken by a live person. Here’s how my dirty dozen responded:

  • 12 never returned my call by telephone
  • I did not count Skype new contact requests
  • 7 sent the typical local SEO company blah, blah, blah template email
  • 5 local SEO company staffers never returned my call

Next, I did the smartest thing I thought would benefit my new midwest friend. I told him to hold on to his money. Forget about hiring any of these dirty dozen.

Local SEO Company Search & Destroy

If you’re in the market to outsource to a local SEO company, it’s going to be a battle choosing your next firm. You can search all over to kingdom come. But in the end, you are really just hiring some guy (or girl). So choose wisely. Don’t go into this planning to find the local SEO company magic pill or potion. They don’t exist.

Be patient. Plan on at least a few weeks to speak with the right local SEO company that fits your personality. If they’re trying to jam some kind of package down your throat it’s probably a bad fit.

If you’ve read this far, take us up on our local SEO company video screencast of your project. I’ve come across few local SEO company salespeople who would even think about doing a free video screencast of your project. Why? It takes time and research. But what those local SEO company geeks don’t realize is your project needs to be evaluated before any work can be done. My approach is to dive in and do what almost every other local SEO company won’t: give you a deep understand of what you’re up against before sending out the invoice.