youagainIf I was starting my firm over from scratch, it would be far easier than you think. It’s something I think about sometimes. How would I restructure my business?

First, I would develop a pool of writers. Not hacks but people who have years of experience writing copy that builds value. Their job would be to write 100 posts and pages about the benefit of building rankings using nothing but content. Say again? You read right–content. Gobs of it. Most sites do not rank because their content is razor thin.

Once I had at least 30 of those posts edited (500 words each minimum), I would schedule one a day to be published. As each post became live, it would then go into a list of posts to be optimized. What Google loves are sites that have updated content–preferably daily.

Don’t you recall all they want to do is serve up relevant content to their searchers? Duh! ┬áSo if you’re thinking of adding content to your site once a year, don’t bother. It won’t help.

Next, I would begin producing videos offering free advice to site owners about the balancing act between content management and keyword densities. These videos would provide nothing more than free information about the benefit of writing for ranks. It’s not something most people even care about knowing. That’s why it works.

Once I had all 100 posts and pages live, it would be time to go back through each one adding more content. Again, not sound like I’m repeating myself but content update triggers is what Google looks for when it’s optimized. Oh, don’t forget, each of these posts would be optimized with one target keyword for each.


Yes–the only way to manage relevancy standards to rank better is to build highly specific content for your reader and keywords. It’s such a dirty little secret far from sexy: content will crush it over time if you stick to it. Think about it. When was the last time you or a business owner you know invested six months into their site content? Let me guess–never.

You see, writing for Google relevancy standards is such a refined tactic that no one does it. What’s the trick? None. Zero shortcuts. Nothing but you, your writers and your CRM.

Lastly, I would go back and do what I’m best at doing. Pinpoint the problems my prospects were suffering in their sites using video screencasts. There’s nothing better than taking time out of your day and record a video on your own time to give guidance to someone. Almost always they’ll be impressed you did it.

Invest in your business as if your life depends on it. That’s what I do with mine and the benefit is usually plenty of fun working with a handful of great clients.