Molly lives outside of Newark, New Jersey. She owns a small beauty shop with many loyal clients who keep asking why she isn’t online. After long days she simply doesn’t have the energy to figure out what types of content to post on her new site.

Dear Peter-

My clients are driving me crazy. They keep asking why I’m not online with a site. Honestly, I have no clue what to put on it so it just sits there. What types of content rank better on Google? Pictures? Yelp ratings? I’m confused and really don’t want to do any work on it until I know where to invest my late nights after long days working.

-Molly’s Beauty Shop

Hi Molly. All I can say is phew. I can imagine you’re not too excited diving into site development after running your business all day. This is actually one of the biggest struggles local business owners have. Forget about pulling 18 hour days. It never works and you’ll probably end up pulling out your hair.

Here’s something to think about to simplify your site build…

  • Hire an SEO person to research keywords
  • Focus on ones like ‘beauty shop [INSERT YOUR CITY]’
  • Then pinpoint nearby cities with related keywords being searched

Once you have a dozen or so keywords (ones searched 50-200 times a month) it’s time to hire a cheap freelance writer. I don’t have to tell you growing your business by 10-20% this year will probably be pretty damn cool for you. So you don’t have to try ranking for keywords with huge search counts.

Ask your writer to work on one article for each keyword. Preferably 450-700 words each. Then post each article on your site. If you haven’t started building your site, I urge you to consider using WordPress as your CMS (content management system). It’s SEO-friendly and easy to use.

Since you’re so new to site development, here’s four articles you should read to build it and optimize your content:


Setting up your Google Places account



If these four articles blow your mind, relax:-). It’s a lot of content. However, give yourself two months to read through them and apply these techniques. I would also put plenty of time into getting your Google Places account up and running. Because brick and mortar businesses often show up in Places, you’re going to want to have yours optimized correctly. Good luck Molly!