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Hate to Wait?

Do you hate to wait for user docs to be written? Hire me direct and save money. Recruiters are great. But sometimes you can’t wait. Or worse, you need help in the next week. That’s a tall order for any recruiter. I offer two options. Keep reading. Free stuff below…

2 hour solutions

Recently I did a 2 hour call for block chain company. They had nothing. Really, almost no user docs. Great, I thought. Starting a doc portal from scratch applying world-class doc design is easy. Nothing to fix.

Drop me a note about your project.

2 hour solution reviews are best for FinTechs, start-ups, even new orgs. One evaluation I did for a large doc team resulted in a fast fix. They had no writing style guide for their tech writers. Style guide? “We don’t have time for those,” one writer confessed. How about proofing checklists? Nope. In their case they had no editorial support to review docs before publishing. These are real problems our industry is experiencing at warp speed. Simple, easy onboarding guides are critical pieces of the puzzle for your new users. Especially for API doc users.

2 hour solutions fee: one hourly rate X 2 hours. That’s it. Only need 1 hour? Sounds good.

What’s included? Everything. I think about your doc problem and compare it to my past projects. Then I pull examples I’ve written for other projects and share them with you. If you need additional help, we’ll figure it out together. For some situations, user docs à la carte makes sense.

User docs à la carte

Need 3 docs? 10, 20, or 30? Let me review the use cases. User docs à la carte works well when you need doc writing production. Our industry is growing fast. Hiring proven talent has become an Olympic sport. If it makes sense, let me help you pinpoint your doc problems. Not sure what you need? View some of my docs featured in my portfolio. Have your own format? Great, we’ll use it.

User docs à la carte fee:

  • 10+ years doc expertise: free.
  • 20+ years tech writing experience: free.
  • 1 set-up fee, 1 hourly rate.
  • Gusto invoices must be paid within 24 hours.

Drop me a note about your project. Be well and thank you for reading.

Peter Gustafson