Marty from San Antonio, Texas is fuming. She’s built a thriving guest blogging business that’s now getting bad press since Google began penalizing sites with guest blogging backlinks.

Hi Peter:-)

I own a very small guest blogging firm. What’s the deal with all the news recently on why guest blogging is so bad? Many of my clients did well for years using my service. Arg! Now they’re emailing asking about the risks? Your thoughts?


Well Marty, you’re probably wise if you start thinking about changing your business model. Don’t freak out–this is actually a good thing so keep reading.

The problem with guest blogging is that there’s a ton of sleazy networks out there that have gone bananas syndicating these types of content. What use to be a gentle little way to generate backlinks is now a major mistake. Honestly, I’ve always felt syndicating any type of content is philosophically dead wrong.

But why?

Duh! The technique puts way too much emphasis on linking than building genuine content on your site. Remember, for more than a decade backlinks were all the rage. Site owners scrambled to buy ’em, steal ’em and even pay offshore hacks to manufacture ’em. It worked too.

But since the evolution of Google Penguin in April of 2012, the practice now hurts you.

Marty, if I were you, I would convert your business into a content management service. It’s practically the same thing you’ve been doing minus all the BS backlinking. Content creation (text and video) rocks because it’s exactly what Google wants to see on your client sites.

On page optimization should also be a big, fat part of your efforts. So many site owners ignore the benefit of building content optimized for Google relevancy standards. Granted, the process takes time to learn. However, it’s really all I do for my clients and has been grooving their ranks since 2007.

Think of it this way: if you get the feeling you’re client content is written or produced (think video) with the intent of syndication, you’re seriously going the wrong way. Focus on your client site content instead of trying to distribute content for the dopey goal of merely building backlinks.

Good luck:-).