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Google AdWords Video

The news reports about Google AdWords video conversions are everywhere. But why? Video converts prospects into sales. Video now accounts for nearly 78% of viewed content online everyday. Now you have the power to increase click-throughs and convert shoppers into buyers through building value in your messaging with video.

Only, there’s one problem. How do you produce custom video for each of your Adwords campaigns without burning through your ad spend investment? Easy. We produce video free for you when we manage your Adwords.

Google AdWords Video

How We Manage Your Google AdWords Video Campaigns

  • Full custom broadcast-quality video is produced for your campaigns
  • You only pay for click-throughs when a user chooses to view your video
  • Your campaign has no minimum spend amount
  • Videos air on YouTube and over 10,000 video display networks
  • Target highly-custom traffic in the market to buy now
  • Google Adwords video A/B testing

Google AdWords Video: Share of Mind & Share of Market

We start your campaign unlike most other firms. Instead of talking about ad spend, we talk about you. Your passions. Your company’s unique selling proposition. Doing so helps understand mission-critical elements of your story. Remember, video is nothing more than story-telling.

  • Consumers buy from companies they like (the share of mind component)
  • Thus, we dovetail your story into every video to build trust
  • Your videos tell your story as a credible authority
  • Then we feature a strong call-to-action message in your video to make the sale (share of market component)
  • Video production is tailor-produced for your campaign
  • Custom video edits are included to create the perfect message for higher conversions

Google AdWords Video: Tactical ROI

Every successful company measures success the same way. ROI. Tactical video improves return on investment. Guaranteed.

View some of our Google AdWords video examples or drop us a line the form below.