So you finally decided to find a good SEO company huh? Believe me, they do exist. However, most people suffer the pains of finding them.

A reader of my site emailed me a while ago begging me for advice how to hire a super duper good SEO company. Her name is Eileen and her question asked about new tips, tricks and shocking secrets a friend of hers shared with her. Hmmm…perhaps a few years ago you could squeak your way to the first page of Google using deceptive techniques. Not anymore.

Bummer? Maybe. But think about it this way: if you practice compliant standards of relevancy for the big G, you won’t ever have to drink the backlink coolaide ever again. I promise.

Bad .vs. Good SEO Company Techniques

Here’s the skinny on bad:

  • They rank you for keywords
  • However, these keys have no exact search counts
  • Trickery spam backlinking is their only secret weapon
  • Your rankings will actually go down
  • Bonus: your site could be sandboxed by Google
  • That means you no longer exist in a G search

Now for good SEO company must haves:

  1. The build genuine traffic
  2. Understand Google relevancy factors
  3. Monitor your ranks daily
  4. Bonus: help you make more money

Good SEO company managers understand how to work with algorithm updates instead of fighting them. Your goal should be to commit to a monthly budget you can afford.

The question of accountability always comes up.

good seo companyWhat Do Good SEO Company People Do?

Simple. They offer a strong ROI so when you stroke their invoice check, you don’t say damn–why do I keep paying them?

But they also do something most businesses can’t (or won’t). They know how to craft site content that converts. How so?

  • Properly written text provided by good SEO company writers will get your site ranked. It won’t happen overnight. But it will suck in traffic to your site.
  • They also produce video. This is killer important because these days Google loves well-optimized site content which also includes video.
  • Lastly, they bring along truckloads of analysis to help you pinpoint areas of your site doing well (and bad).

good-seo-company-3What to Pay a Good SEO Company

Expect an upfront fee. My firm usually offers the first month free as well. A good SEO company has a wait list. The bad ones beg for any clients who can pay.

Most good SEO company contracts come with a set-up arrangement between $3000-$5000. Any good SEO company worth their salt will always throw in some kind of deal early in your relationship. I think $5k is a bit much even for a phenomenally good SEO company.

Can you find it cheaper? You betcha. But often the lower end rates even a good SEO company offers come with less service.

If you can’t afford to cover the set-up fee working with a good SEO company with proven case studies and references, you may as well close up shop. Seriously, forget about trying to grow your business if you don’t have the appropriate budget.

Watch out for anyone claiming they’re a good SEO company yet claim you can only email them. You need to be able to speak them by telephone (or Skype). For example, when I accept a new client partner, we usually chat a few times a week in the beginning.

After working in this business since 2001, I can assure one thing will happen if you hire the wrong ‘good SEO company.’ They will milk you dry of your investment unless they focus on these two elements:

  1. Growing your ranks on Google to pages #1-4
  2. Converting your site traffic into prospects & sales

Need help? Tell us your whoas finding a good SEO company and we’ll do a free video analysis of your project on our dime.