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API UI Project Management

Moving forward with our engagement will be a tactical endeavor. To streamline production of your API UI, I’ve outlined the workflow into phases:

  • Analyze your current API UI
  • Pinpoint architectural weaknesses
  • Develop a master plan to consolidate your existing APIs
  • Document your brand styles (i.e. colors, type fonts)
  1. Produce a video screencast overview of our plan.
  2. Supply you with a loose design of the new framework (text doc to match #1).
  3. Build our project requirements in a management tool.
  4. Deploy a Ruby | Slate | Markdown local environment.
  5. Integrate version control conducive with your organization.
  6. Create AWS resources for static page hosting and raw production file storage.
  • Program styling requirements into the UI
  • Establish language binding code example styling
  • Establish API UI column format requirements
  • Present you with a live UI for review and feedback
  • Create table of contents based on our requirements
  • Integrate TOC into the first column of UI
  • Research outstanding TOC support pages if needed
  • Centralize subject matter into categories
  • Build all API doc categories into the new UI
  • Investigate if the need to include graphics or images exist
  • Confirm the new design contains all pending resources
  • Code existing API resources into new UI
  • Edit and rewrite API help content where appropriate
  • Deploy new UI pages for your review
  • Edit and update based on changes
  • Test new API UI integration
  • Modify and update accordingly
  • Hand over all raw files and backups to your team
  • Assist you in managing future updates yourself (or provide video screencast instruction)
  • Remain as a working partner with you if needed

Upon agreement, these phases will be migrated into a project management online tool and documented in detail.

Contractual Agreement

I am more than happy to sign a formal agreement. Please draft the document to include the following items into the contract.


All production files will be backed up on my AWS account. If you prefer, you can arrange to supply me with logins to your network to migrate production files to your system on a weekly basis.

Version Control

I recommend you supply me with a user account with Github (or Bitbucket). Or I am happy to supply you with access to my private Bitbucket repo. If you plan to grant me user credentials to your version control platform, please do so using my email address:


My normal work schedule is Monday-Friday 7a-7p. I prefer to schedule my time in 3-4 hour blocks throughout the day.

Billable Hours

Because my workflow is documented digitally using a project management tool, I will send you a brief review with my 40 hour invoice no later than Sunday for the previous work week. Please note, I do not submit more than 40 hours per week.


Updating you on our project progress can occur a few different ways. My preference is to provide any of these methods (or all):

  1. Grant you access to my project management tool.
  2. Telephone conversations and email:


On Fridays (or no later than Sunday if weekend work is performed) I will email you my billable hours in the form of an invoice. Please note I do not extend credit. I expect payment for my services to be received by the following Thursday. I accept direct deposit payments on a weekly basis. If you prefer to FedEx me a weekly check (or send by U.S. mail on Mondays), my address is:

Peter Gustafson
4 Scammon Street
Suite 19-121
Saco, ME 04072


Although I do not work on federal holidays, I do adjust my schedule to facilitate 40 hours of work per week.