Marvin owns a small restaurant outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Sure he can serve up delectable steaks, but he’s getting pushed around by his competition who ranks well.


I own a thriving, yet small restaurant about ten miles outside of downtown Atlanta. We’ve done well for decades but now we cannot get our site ranked. We don’t show up in the first few hundred listings for keywords like fine dining Atlanta. What would you do if you were working on our account?


Hi Marv. Years ago I had the pleasure of dining in a few different steak joints in Atlanta. Bones was fabulous.

But if you’re a small restaurant, beware. You don’t want to compete with Bones or places that have corporate deep pockets. After doing a few searches, I notice Google Places is actually where you want to invest your efforts. Don’t bother trying to rank your site organically. You’ll spin your wheels for years because Places dominates the first 5 listings on Google for fine dining.

If it were me, I would optimize your Google Places account. If you don’t have one, get it set-up today. One of the best methods I’ve done to enhance GP listings is with video.

You can add up to 5 videos in your GP account. So find someone who can produce these videos for you. Don’t spend a ton of money. Sometimes you can find local video people at community colleges.

Be sure to produce the highest quality videos you can afford. Another way to go if you have a decent budget is to hire a freelance video shooter to film footage of your restaurant. Then have him or her produce 5 videos you can upload to your YouTube account.

Where do you find people to help? Production Hub is a great place to start. It’s a site that connects video production people with anyone in the market to hire. I’ve hired many freelance video techs from this site.

Tell them to you want B-roll footage. Also, if you can arrange for a few customers to do testimonials on camera that will add to your credibility in the produced videos. Testimonials always work well if you can get a few of your favorite customers to swing by on the day of the shoot.

Lastly, tell your video tech you want some kind of story built into your videos. Too many businesses think any kind of video works. Nope. Videos that tell a story why people should visit your restaurant will convert into new customers. Perhaps having a few customers tell their story how they wanted a great night out on the town. Then ask them to share their experience finding you in their video testimonial and of course how wonderful your food is.

Good luck Marv.