If you’re fed up and sick of lurking around the Google fringe looking for expert SEO services, I feel your pain. There’s a ton of sizzle in this industry. ¬†Although, very companies provide the mouth-watering steak to sink your teeth into to crush your competition.

Honestly, my business is thriving. I don’t write that sentence to WOW you. Quite the contrary. The reason my expert SEO services firm does well is because of one reason: grunt hard work. But it’s all research-based. Forget about trying to be all things to all people. It is the worst freaking move you can make in your business.

So what about my rankings? If I’m so good, what am I doing with my own SEO?

expert seo servicesMy business grows two ways:

  1. Referral/repeat business
  2. Lead generation from YouTube & Google

So does this site rank #1? The truth is no. But there’s more to the question than, “Can you show me your first page rankings?” My only goal is conversion. So am I skirting the issue of not ranking on the first pages of the search engines? Nope. Instead, I focus on my client rankings.

Normally I see about 20-30 leads a month into my business. Of those, 60% have too small a budget to become a client partner.

25% have money to spend. However, they typically have been brainwashed thinking all they need are backlinks. As recent as a five years ago, backlinking was really all you needed to rank well. There were very few expert SEO services types out there. You could hire a contractor to spam backlink your site using automated software and rake in considerably groovy Google rankings. So we’re usually not a good fit because I do not use any spam backlinking techniques as part of my expert SEO services program.

The last 15% are ready to stroke a check and get started with my expert SEO services. But I only accept a few new client partnerships per month. So it depends how stacked up I am with my current client base. But here’s a client video case study to demonstrate the type of rankings and conversion work I do…

Expert SEO Services Snafu

Here’s the real dealio.

If you’re not converting your site traffic into prospects and sales, no rankings in the world will rock your business growth. Millions of companies will claim they can get you ranked #1. Even if they could (which 99% of the time they can’t for the correct keywords related to your business), chances are monster good your site lacks the proper conversion elements.

So the snafu is that you’re probably shopping for expert SEO services without considering how site content and conversion all plays into this big mess called Internet Marketing. All you know is your business is off. Or worse. You’re leaving new business on the table for your competition to gobble up.

Funny story…

A while ago I was asked by an SEO firm (call them XYZ) to help them interview other expert SEO services companies to do XYZ SEO. Weird, I know.

But not really when you think about it. XYZ is actually a great firm. But like me, they focus too much of their time on client work. So after a hefty fee, I did my usual thing chatting up the biz with a few competent prospects. But in the end, I told XYZ to keep their money and to forget about hiring expert SEO services. Not one of the companies I spoke with had the hoodzpah nor enough case studies to prove their fee was worthy.

The funny part is XYZ is about ten times bigger than my firm in terms of expert SEO services. But they really had no clue how to use research-based metrics to pinpoint what they need in their onpage content to rank better. You can snag my secret sauce by reading my expert SEO services hit list.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that funny:-(.

Expert SEO Services & Video Site Audits

When I look at working with a new client partner, I first do a video audit screencast of their situation. It’s not brain surgery. It’s more of my assessment of the stuff that needs to get fixed in order to rank and convert their traffic.

Here’s a sample audit…

In closing, you may not really walk away from this post too happy. But you should.

You see, knowing what not to think about is 75% the battle hiring expert SEO services. Whatever you do, take your time. Really get a feel for your future guru and their level of past performance and work ethic. Just keep a few nuggets in your brain when you leave this post…

  • Hiring expert SEO services can be an expensive mistake
  • Too many self-proclaimed hacks will rob you blind
  • Backlinks no longer get you ranked
  • Proven expert SEO services require a monthly budget

Beware. You’re not hiring expert SEO services but instead, a person.