Every single expert SEO company owner has the dirt on everything you cannot possibly understand about the business.

Damn! Hold on because I’m going to give you the goods.

nerdYou see, this industry is infested with hacks hanging out in their Mom’s basement hoping to snag your next $5000. But the problem always boils down to a few things you could probably learn if you had a few years of time in your schedule. Thriving expert SEO company owners know you’re limited on knowledge.

Honestly, what I do can be learned by anyone if you’re not part of an expert SEO company. The challenge about expert SEO company secrets how to rank better is how they implement everything into your website. No one does it the same way. Most gurus have their cute little process they just love to coddle and admire.

Oops. The problem is that what worked a year ago no longer cracks the code to reaching the top ten on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. No expert SEO company wants you to know this bad news.

Expert SEO Company Vernacular

Yup, they all have it. Backlinks, PR, H-tags, blah, blah, bah. But the proof really is in the pudding. These questions are the biggies:

  1. Do you focus on exact searched keywords?
  2. If so, do your clients rank in the top 100?
  3. If so, why aren’t you in the top 25 search results?

These three frustrating questions do have answers. Your job (well, unless you work with a trusted expert SEO company) is figure out who is credible enough to find out.


A while ago I had a client partner share a proposal they had received from a highly recommended expert SEO company. Honestly, it was a bunch of crap. Lots of graphs, long lists of dumb keywords with no monthly search counts and the worst thing of all. A big, fat $4200 price tag. That’s a monster expert SEO company quote for sure.

Who can afford that right? Some business owners can but it’s comes without one shred of guarantees. In the end, if you’re not savvy choosing your next firm you’ll pay a ton of mullah without any progress.

expert seo companyConversions & Expert SEO Company Double Talk

What do you really want? I bet it’s to increase traffic and convert more customers right? Who doesn’t? Then why do so many firms bank it all on ranking?

Wow, you’re thinking. I thought this article was about how to rank better?

Well, it is.

But there’s a finite cap on how high you’ll go. So working on ranking better while also converting more of your traffic into prospects and sales is a far better idea don’t you think? Ranking better requires truckloads of relevant content. I know, I sound like a broken record on the subject of relevancy. Get it through your head now! Not many expert SEO company geeks are motivated to even care about it. The reason? It’s a detailed process tracking your ranks, relevancy scores and optimization. Hmmm…sounds like work right? It is.

Then comes conversions. There are some good expert SEO company teams out there that specialize in the process. But many ignore conversion issues. Why? Because you hired them to rank your site. If for some crazy reason they actually do it, guess what? They fulfilled their end.

You, the client still suffers painful growth.

Do you know why?

Because you never asked your high-price expert SEO company how they can help you convert. Forget about the glitz and glamour of backlinks and social media. Too many expert SEO company owners love to sell you this kind of stuff. It might help. However, it’s usually just fluff. Although the media goes wild over social media, it’s really just a way of building a following. Most credible expert SEO company geeks know this and focus more on content management.

Another area expert SEO company execs love to talk up is pay-per-click. Guess what? It will only add to your budget and the ROI is pitiful. If your expert SEO company doesn’t help you convert clicks into leads your investment is lost.

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