Have you ever noticed how the overseas stock markets usually react poorly when the U.S. markets plummet? It’s something you’ll notice when our financial indices take it on the chin. Like a chain reaction, international exchanges usually drop like an anvil within a day or two.

Google updates are no different. Last week we had a minor algo update here in the states. After sorting out the changes, I knew when I awoke this week my great friends and clients in Australia were going to suffer the same.

Bingo. Today my down under pals were hit with a major adjustment in ranks. Oh no? Not really–the thing about what we do with our formula is battle-tested in our on page SEO. So once the dust settles our rankings rocket right back up.

Some were hit worse than others. So do we scramble and change your plan? Nope. Never. Doing so is like chasing a freight train destined for its next stop. Feeling like it’s time to switch things up always feels good. Guess what? It almost never is.

Beware. As we move into the new year Google will no doubt have a few fun updates in store (like around 500). So comb through your content and make sure it’s original, lengthy and stuffed with compliant on page elements.