Lou in Chicago, Illinois has a lot in common with a guy named Nick. They both wonder if H-tags are useful helping Google identify his posts having keyword-rich relevancy. Especially if they need to be in order.

Hi Peter David-

I’m confused. More than usual today:-). Everything I read about h-tags (H1,2,3,4,5,6) all have different suggestions. One guru suggests using them in order. Another claims overuse of them is bad for SEO. What gives?

-Lou in Chicago

Thanks for writing Lou. Actually, there’s so much mis-information about H-tags it can spin your head. But I love everything Matt Cutts at Google says so I will bow out answering your question and instead, embed a Matt video to cut through the H-tag clutter. Oh by the way, yes, H-tags do help the SEs determine if your content is relevant for your keywords.


However, what Matt didn’t comment on is how often to use H-tags? Be cautious by using just one of each per post or page. If your WP theme uses titles as H1 tags then do not add another H1 in your body content.

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