Business Analysis

Big data analysis is mission-critical to pinpoint sales deficiencies, analyze financial trends and improve software development projects.

Over the years, I’ve served in consulting roles with companies desperate to consolidate data analysis. Unfortunately, this hybrid skill set isn’t easy to find. The deep dive into the analysis of the data is paramount to isolating trends and process efficiencies.┬áThen build actionable documentation to develop new procedures.

Growing and The Gap Factor

Growing your organizational processes is critical to working smarter. Ideally by pinpointing gaps in data analysis. There’s two types of technical writers. Ones specializing in software documentation and the other are traditional manufacturing writers. Perhaps a third set is medical writing.

But the missing component throughout these categories is critical thinking skills for business analysis. This is the gap many companies are looking to bridge between public-facing help content and user engagement.

The analytic side is the missing link. Areas I suggest my clients consider are:

  1. Deep analytics monitoring of user engagement
  2. User time spent on specific pages to pinpoint information gaps
  3. Navigation paths of website content
  4. Common pages visited by users to identify upsell opportunities
  5. Average visitor duration of users consuming help content
  6. Converting certain help content into video screencast instruction

Developer Support

Helping developers build better product is another area of business analysis. Especially when teams are expected to enhance products for users.

My experience working with developers across the globe is they’re open to different perspectives building streamlined solutions. Standards and specifications are at the root of the SDLC. However, when you’re left out in the cold by team sprints, it becomes tricky.

One method to help developers understand blockers of usability is to produce video screencasts. Doing so cuts through the clutter of discussions and design documentation. Normally considered time-consuming, it undoubtably clarifies how existing UI nuances can be improved for end-users.

Agile Intelligence

Data analysis offers a variety of metrics. Many companies are now seeing the efficiencies of agile workflows. Especially when fragmented teams require the sharing of updated procedures and requirements.

Over the years I’ve had the luxury of working with many software development teams. The result is a fanatical commitment to accountability throughout the entire process.

My advice to any company struggling with hard decision-making is to become experts at agile data analysis and reporting.