This rant won’t be bashing other SEO firms and how they hoodwink a pile of cash out of clients. Well, it might dabble in it.

Honestly, what sickens me is when I hear stories from business owners what they were told by some firms.

Search engine optimization has changed truckloads. Even in the last two years. How so? Content management and its impact on Google relevancy standards. Here’s a story I heard recently from a site owner….

They told me I didn’t have enough backlinks to rank. Hmmm…I thought. But what about Google Penguin? Doesn’t it hurt your site when you build backlinks I asked.

Their response was kind of weird. The sales rep told me I needed the right kind of backlinks. So I asked what kind are those? High PR ones he told me. But if I need high PR backlinks, doesn’t that contradict Google standards?

His response? No.



Good golly as they used to say back when I was growing up. Why would you want to build backlinks of any kind after millions of sites have been penalized doing so? Kind of dumb don’t you think?

Here’s my official stand on backlinks. They’re easy to build. Any monkey tied to a computer can create tons. But do you really think Google isn’t catching every single link? Not to mention the timing. Your site goes from have 12 backlinks to 1002 in a week or two? That’s a recipe for detection.

So yes, any moron can build backlinks. But I have had many clients rank very well without them. None at all? Nope. Actually your site will develop backlinks naturally. Notice that word? Natural. As in not manufactured.

Then why do the millions of SEO-ers tell you do more backlinks? Good question.

The’re holding on tightly to the way things use to work in order to rank. Believe whomever you like but I can assure you Google relevancy standards are here to stay. Dorky catch phrases like ‘content is king’ are merely not enough for most people hoping to rank. I get that.

But if you can agree with me that the search engines need some kind of benchmark to award your site rankings, don’t you think they’re looking for genuine quality? Like original text content? How about fresh, updated pages and posts? Perhaps some video?

Do backlinks matter? Sure thing. But can you backlink your way to the top? No way. Not anymore. Any SEO firm telling you to simply build more backlinks are dopes. They lack the one quality to help you rank: adherence to Google standards.