adlinksOn February 20, 2013, the popular U.S. florist Interflora (in the U.S.) vanished off the face of the Internet due to spam backlinking techniques.

Need proof. Search for the term ‘interflora flowers’. What displays is domain in first place. Oopsies as my kids often say following a frantic blunder or mistake.

But why? Well, for starters, they’ve engaged in advertorial linking techniques. It’s a form or advertising and editorial commenting. Actually, it’s a brilliant method to generate credibility and rankings. Or it was.

These days the FTC loves to point their long arm of the law at any site owner dabbling in such trickery. We all know customer testimonials need to be free of payment nor services for being an advocate of your business.


The process works like this:

  • Sort a list of your best customers
  • Send them something free
  • Then basically demand they reciprocate with a testimonial

That’s pretty much it. The result is more genuine backlinks and credibility you are a trusted source. Here’s a sample of one of their advertorials


Deception comes in all shapes and sizes. However, Google hardly misses much. Beware!