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My name is Peter David Gustafson. Likely you’re on this page because you’re ready to upgrade your technical writing platform. If so, you’re among many companies slogging through the drama relying on recruiters and hiring agencies.

The problem is finding someone with robust skills working on product and scrum teams. Then:

  • Interviewing SMEs
  • Working with front-end developers
  • Being fluent with programming languages

This industry is growing quickly. Therefore, the largest need appears to be with proven technology experience. Simply writing technical content isn’t enough when you factor in the demand for API technical writers.

Learn More About My Background

Technology Skills

Finding a technical writer with a diverse set of programming and software skills is a must in this market. I’ve consulted many companies with diverse software stacks. What’s the best? Ideally, a MadCap Flare workflow offers a streamlined approach. Write once. Output everywhere.

Your organization is likely desperate to find a writer who has a proven background in programming and managing online content. Collaborating with SMEs to craft highly relevant end-user help documentation is what I’ve been doing by consulting corporations of all sizes.

Executing in a fast-paced complex environment is where I thrive. Whether it’s within a custom-built CMS or MadCap Flare, I’m hardwired to hit the ground running.

Accountability on Steroids

Too many contractors and direct employees lack accountability. It’s something I see on many projects. I prefer a solution-based formula rather than relying purely on outsourced vendors.

Your project deserves passionate devotion and deliberate logic in both the planning and production phases. From technical writing to UI/UX development, when you work with me, you’ll get an owner’s mentality protecting your investment.

Communication is Key

Ask any programmer or manager what limits project production and they’ll like say it’s communication gaps. My experience over the last two decades has been spent building bridges between complex content and users. As a programmer, I speak the languages coders devote countless hours to throughout the SDLC. Then translate steep learning curves into readable language with help content and API documentation.

Working Together

At this writing, I am considering new opportunities (contract, consulting, direct-hire). The demand for a ruthlessly exceptional senior technical writer with business analysis expertise is in hot demand.

If you’re desperate to hire someone who will offer solutions and streamlined workflows, please get in touch with me.