My name is Peter David Gustafson. I live on the coast of southern Maine, USA. Since 2007, I’ve been helping clients grow their businesses. My client partners are worldwide. Many have contracted me to manage their technical writing projects and API documentation.

Who Am I? – I’m a Dad of 3 super cool kids (although they think I’m a geek:-) – These days all I do is consult my clients full-time as a programmer and technical writer. Read my resume.

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Accountability on Steroids

Too many contractors lack accountability. It’s something I see on many projects. I prefer a solution-based formula rather than passing the buck. Often I’m tasked with multiple roles by companies who love my creative ability to problem-solve. It’s been hard-wired into my DNA for many years.

Your project deserves passionate devotion and deliberate logic in both the planning and production phases. Forward thinking is a must from the beginning. When you work with me, you’ll get an owner’s mentality in protecting your investment. Whether it’s through email or chatting by phone, I’m always available since nearly all the work I do is from my home office.

Am I available for hire at your site? It depends. I’ve accept a few on-site contract positions. However, often they end up as remote arrangements since my focus is doing the work instead of keeping up appearances of progress.

Communication is Key

Ask any programmer or manager what limits project production and they’ll like say it’s communication gaps. My experience over the last two decades has been spent building bridges between the technical and layman sides. As a programmer, I speak the languages coders devote countless hours to throughout the software development cycle. Then translate steep learning curves into readable language in help documentation and user guides.

Why work with me? It’s a good question. Honestly, my ability to cut through stopgaps in the communication process is my biggest talent. Whether it’s writing documentation, stitching together complex code sets into readable instructions or developing charts and graphics to ease learning, I’m well-versed and devoted to your success.

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